People Management Survey 2018


We asked 5,103 employees across 22 industries what they thought of their managers. This report reveals their answers.

Our panel of experts provide color commentary and insight on our survey findings within the document, but for the sake of introductions, here’s a bit about them:

  • Craig Weber helps people and teams improve their performance by treating dialogue as a discipline.
  • Alyssa Dver is the co-founder of the American Confidence Institute (ACI) and author of books, including her latest, Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain, Up Your Game.
  • Victor Lipman is the author of The Type B Manager: Leading Successfully in a Type A World (Prentice Hall Press, 2015).
  • Greg Barnett is the vice president of science at The Predictive Index, overseeing the execution of the company’s talent analytics, employee assessments, employee surveys, psychometrics, and machine learning initiatives.
  • Jill Christensen is the founder and president of ill Christensen International C, a global firm focused on teaching companies her proven strategy to increase employee engagement.

A Sneak peak at The Top 10 Findings

1. Bad managers are self-centered but not self-aware.

“I think most Fad managers tend to be people who are narcissistic, put themselves first, and care more about their success than the success of the people on their team. Unfortunately, this is a trait I see often in business, especially among higher level managers.”

~ Jill Christensen

2. Great managers are both passionate and compassionate.

“Great managers seem to do a much better job at personalizing the work. They are listeners and advocates.”

~ Dr. Greg Barnett

3. Managers have an outsized impact on their employees’ work experiences.

“If your boss doesn’t make you feel that you fit or contribute value, you may feel insecure and subsequently want to find a place otherwise where you clearly ‘belong’.”

~ Alyssa Dver

4. There are more good managers than bad ones.

“In my experience more people like their boss as a person but are frustrated by a lot of their boss’s behavior.”

~ Craig Weber

5. Men and women match up evenly as managers.

“The world is starting to see how competent women are and appreciate the leadership vs. throwing them under the bus for being strong.”

~ Jill Christensen