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Strategic Consulting for Your Entire C-Suite.

Doug Roberts has successfully served as CEO for three companies and coached over 50 CEOs & 100 small to medium size leaders to align people strategy with business strategy results.


I have the best job in the world.


I work with remarkable CEOs and executive teams to build thriving companies. I help them align their people strategy with their business strategy to skyrocket results.


I approach my work from my wealth of experience running several companies myself, one from start to exit. Since my days as CEO, I’ve served as Vistage Chair and executive coach, strategy consultant, as well as a Predictive Index talent optimization consultant. Leveraging my time as an executive, and, now, my certifications and experience as a small-to-medium-size business consultant and coach, I blend industry-know-how and science-backed approaches to deliver significant results.

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We work with C-Level Executives at small-to-medium sized businesses who are…

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Kimberly helps executives and managers understand the value of connection, self awareness, and their own Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Being an exceptional leader is no longer based solely on IQ, and assigned hierarchical stature. We have to bring authenticity, vulnerability, our own self awareness, and empathy to our day to day conversations in order to truly motivate our teams and execute results.


Kimberly is passionate about helping leaders awaken their own EQ power and understanding. A skill that unlike IQ, EQ can be improved upon. The latest research concerning our hybrid, uncertain environments is that EQ is the key to organizational success, internally and externally. Thriving employees and teams are today’s competitive edge in a dynamic, competing, and unpredictable environment, and it begins with connection and high EQ.


In her work with clients, Kimberly leverages the scientific-backed Predictive Index, the EQ-I 2.0 and the EQ-360 surveys in order to empower leaders and individuals to better understand themselves, their work persona, and to understand others.


Strategic coaching by Doug and Kimberly combined with the results of these specialized tools, can bring transformation and profitability within an organization quickly and effectively.


Kimberly’s background includes Senior Executive of Healthcare Sales and Business Development for Fortune 100 companies Genpact, United Healthcare, and Boston Scientific. She holds a BBA from Kent State Honors College and MBA from John Carroll University. She holds certifications as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, the Predictive Index, MBTI, and EQ-i2.0 and EQ 360 Assessments.


In her downtime, Kimberly enjoys walking Sammy her Shih Tzu, playing tennis, and creating deep connections with friends and family by entertaining and cooking delicious meals at home.